The TGC Advantage

Our Approach & Strategy

Possessing decades of diverse real estate experience. Crafting an expertise in the Midwest and Western regions built on optimal property operations, market research, community relationships, and a proven track record. Building a flexible, sound and repeatable investment model that guides us through the identification, acquisition, hold and sale cycle. Creating value through redevelopment and development. Mentoring executives who develop relationships and build successful teams. Monitoring capital markets to take advantage of market cycles and mitigate risk. These are the pillars of TGC’s Advantage.

Our Advantage

Diverse Experience

National Reach

Management Continuity

Community Relationships

Proven Track Record

Sound Investment Models

Regional Expertise

TGC believes numerous cities in the Midwestern and Western regions currently offer and will continue to offer excellent investment opportunities for our growing portfolio. A number of cities in these regions, including several in which we operate, are experiencing significantly faster job growth than the national average, have rent to household income ratios under 30%, and have population growth projections higher than the national average. These fundamentals present attractive buying opportunities for TGC to create accretive value over time. Our long-term hold strategies center on proactive management throughout the investment ownership life-cycle, affording us opportunities for expense control and capital improvements. We utilize real-time operational data and constant market surveillance to quickly adjust to changing market conditions and produce above-market results.

Investment Profile